Proses Review

Peer Review
Manuscripts submitted to this journal will go through two stages of review, namely pre-review and substance review. Full script processing via OJS (Full OJS): Submissions

Pre-review of the manuscript is carried out by the editorial team to see if the article fits the focus and scope of the journal as well as the style of the environment. Plagiarism screening of manuscripts submitted to this journal is carried out with the help of Turnitin. The length of the Pre-study is between 1-2 weeks.

The review of the substance was carried out by two double-blind reviewers. The length of time for review is between 2-8 weeks. If desired, the reviewer can request a re-review after the author has revised the manuscript.

The decision whether to accept the manuscript for publication is the authority of the Chairman of the Editorial Board based on the recommendations of the reviewers.

Manuscripts that have been declared accepted and have been laid out will be published in the In Progress number in the next number before the regular number is published according to the schedule so that it can be indexed and cited immediately.

Publishing Frequency
PILAR Journal of Civil Engineering: Theoretical and Applied Journal of Civil Engineering publishes 2 (two) numbers every year (Volume), namely in March and September. Authors should submit their manuscripts at least one month before the month of publication.

Open Access Policy
Pillar of the Civil Engineering Journal: providing instant open access to its content by adhering to the principle that making research freely available to the public will support a more global exchange of knowledge. Manuscripts that are accepted will be available and free to download from the PILAR Jurnal Teknik Sipil portal