Focus and Scope

SEMINAR NASIONAL FIRST  adalah Media publikasi online jurnal prosiding SEMNASFIRST yang diterbitkan oleh Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya. Jurnal prosiding SEMNASFIRST terbit dalam 4 edisi dalam setahun. Kontributor prosiding SEMNASFIRST berasal dari peneliti, akademisi (dosen dan mahasiswa) dengan sub Tema:

Engineering and Science

  • Power Electronics and Drive System; Electrical; Control Engineering and Instrumentation; Instrumental and Control Applications; Electronics Devices/Design and System; Telecommunications and Information Systems; Communication Network and System; Antenna and Wave Propagation; Renewable Energy, High Voltage, Materials, Transmission and Distribution System.
  • Energy and Fuels; Advanced Materials; Catalysis and Reaction Engineering; Water and Waste Treatment; Separation and Purification Technology; Food and Bio Engineering; Nano Technology; Environmental, Safety, Health and Risk Management.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering; Construction Engineering and Management; Geographical Information Systems; Geotechnical Analysis and Design; Infrastructure Life-Cycle Management; Applied Computer for Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • Applied Mechanics and Control System; Fluid Dynamics; Fluid Mechanics; Dynamic and Vibration; Mechatronic and Mechanical Design; Manufacture; Fuel and Combustion.

Computer Science and ICT

  • Big Data; Internet of Things; Computer security; Deep Learning; Data Mining; Intelligent System; Information System; Natural language Processing; Embedded System; Networking and Data Communication; Enterprise Resource Planning; Service Oriented Architecture; E-bossiness; IT Risk and Disaster; Multimedia; Computer Graphics; Computer Vision; Digital Signal Processing; Data Base Storage.

Social Science (on process submitted to SCOPUS/ Web of Science proceeding)

  • Economics;Development;Accounting;Business Management;Finance; Entrepreneurship; Human Resources; Humas Capital; Tourism and Hhospitality; Education; Language; Communication; Law; Regulation; Public Policy; Humanity Innovation; Behaviour; Social Cchallenges; Service Learning; Art and Culture