Author Guidline


  1. HOLISTICS JOURNAL accepts articles on English language teaching and learning, linguistics, literature, and hospitality, which ahve not been published
  2. To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be typed in MS Wor Format, using 12 size Times New Roman fonts, double-spaced on A4-size paper, 10-20 pages in length, w ith two hard copies and the related CD.
  3. Articles will be received by subject reviewers, while the editors reserve the right to edit artic les

for format consistency without altering the substance.

  1. Articles are to be written in essay style with a sub-heading for each part, except for the introduction. The sub-heading system is as follows:


Level Two             : Capitals-lowercase, Bold, Left Justification

Level Three         : Capitals-lowercase, Italic-bold, Left Justification

  1. Non-research articles should include : (a) Title; (b) Fill name of contributor(s) without title( s);
    • Abstract (max.100 words); (d) Key words; (e) Introduction without heading; (f) Body text; and (g)
  2. Research report articles should contain : Title; (b) Fill name of contributor(s) without title(s);
    • Abstract (max.200 words); (d) Key words; (e) Introduction without heading, which includes review of related literature and research purpose; (f) Method; (g) Findings; (h) Disc usssion of the Findings; (i) Conclusions and Suggestions; (j) References; (k) Appendix, if
  3. The writing of references must use APA 6th
  4. Two hard copies are to be sent by mail to the following addresses: HOLISTICS Publication Division o. English Department, Sriwijaya State Polytechnic, Jalan Srijaya Negara-Bukit Besar, Palembang 30139. Soft files should be e-mailed to
  5. An article contributor is entitled to two offprint editions of the current